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Terms & Conditions, Hall Hire Fees, Deposits, Security Bond and Bar Staff

  • All hirers are required to complete and sign a Function Booking form when booking the hall for a function.
  • A deposit of $500 is payable to confirm the booking. Your booking is not confirmed until we have received these deposits and the completed, signed booking agreement.
  • Please forward your signed booking agreement to info.dcelebrations@gmail.com
  • Deposits and payments can be paid by cheque, direct bank deposit, or via a secure online credit card facility. All master, visa and visa debit credit card payments incur a fee of 1.9% and AMX will incur 4%. Payment details are on the booking form and invoices.
  • An invoice for the balance of your function room hire and bond will be sent 30 days prior to the function date. All monies are due 30 days prior to your function. Payments for bar packages and bar staff are required 07 days prior to the function.
  • Final numbers shall be confirmed at the time of final payment. After this they may be increased but not decreased by the hirer in the days prior to the event if agreed on package deal which includes in house food and service. Minimum number of guests applies on all packages. No refunds will be made if the actual numbers are less than the final numbers.
  • Menu selection: The Patron is to confirm the menu selection in writing 2 weeks prior to the event. In the event of venue hire with in-house catering. Not valid when hirer brings their own food.
  • Timing: The Patron agrees to begin the function at the scheduled time and agrees to have the guests, invitees and other persons vacate the designated function areas at the agreed completion time. A labour and service charge is applicable for the function continuing after the agreed completion time at $300.00 per hour or part thereof.
  • Public Liability Notice: All external suppliers and their staff whether engaged on behalf of, or directly by, the Patron must be covered by public liability insurance including, but not limited to caterers, live bands, entertainers, flower decorators, musicians, cake suppliers, staging coordinators, car hire, photographers and videographers. All electrical equipment must be tagged and tested.
  • Insurance: The management will take all reasonable care, but accepts no responsibility for any loss of personal material, or damage to merchandise or other property in the function center prior to, during or after functions.
  • Damage or Loss: The Patron is financially liable for any damage sustained, or loss incurred, to the function centre’s property, fixtures or fittings, whether through their own action or through the action of their guests, contractors or sub contractors.
  • Client is liable for any spillage or damage to the carpet. No cake smash allowed in the carpet area and any food or cake damage in the carpet will be charged as a full carpet steam cleaning charges as per market rates.
  • Security Bond of $500 must be paid towards any damages occurs during the event. The bond of $500 will be returned to the hirer within seven days of the function, provided the hiring conditions were met. The hirer will be issued with an invoice for excess damages should breakage or damage to the premises or surrounding areas exceeds the amount of the bond. Note it may take some time for quotes to be obtained and damage to be rectified.
  • Rates: Quote will be sent by one of our team member after discussing your requirements. Prices may vary according to dates, days and availability. All amounts quoted don’t include GST. The cost for corporate and community events may be negotiated on an individual basis. Discounts may apply for community groups or charity organizations.
  • One bar staff with RSA cert is required for all functions if any Alcoholic beverages been served.


Time of Cancellation Amount Paid % of refund
Booking Deposit $500 0
30 Days Before Event Amount Paid After Deposit 75
14 Days Before Event Amount Paid After Deposit 50
Less than 7 Days Before Event All Amount Paid 0
  • Package B Venue Hire fees include normal preparation and cleaning afterwards. However, if abnormal or excessive cleaning is required following the function, an additional cleaning fee of $50.00 per hour will be withheld from the bond
  • Confetti, bean bag fill, blue tac, sticky tape, drawing pins and the like are prohibited in the building and surrounding areas.

COVID-19 Compliance

  • When booking the venue only (no catering/packages), it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that current COVID-19 restrictions are followed. For further information on current restrictions, please visit https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus
  • The hirer is responsible to comply with the covid safety protocols, as this is venue hire only and the hirer takes responsibility of all the covid safety plans and should ensure all the criteria’s are met
  • The hirer must provide a total number of guests at time of booking and signing the contract. It is then the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the number of people does not exceed this number. If the numbers exceed the maximum capacity and any fines are incurred, it will be the responsibility of the hirer to pay for these fines.
  • Masks are still required to be worn indoors in a populated area, unless a minimum space of 1.5m between people is maintained.
  • Contact tracing details will be required for each person in attendance. D Celebrations will provide paperwork to be completed by each guest with first name, phone number and postcode to be recorded.
  • Hand sanitizer should be supplied by the hirer to help maintain hygiene levels.
  • Smoking

    • D Celebration Venue is a non-smoking venue. Smoking is not permitted inside any part of the building. Smoking area is provided on left side of the building entrance.


    • Hirers and guests and required to comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations.
    • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure all guests are familiar with the Evacuation Plan in the event of an emergency. The evacuation plan will be demonstrated once the booking has been finalized.

    D Celebrations Bar and the purchase and serving of alcohol at functions

    • D Celebrations has an on-premises liquor license.
    • Alcohol may only be consumed within the Function Hall. Alcohol and glasses may not be taken outside the building.
    • Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all laws relating to the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) are adhered to.
    • Under no circumstances is alcohol to be supplied to persons on the premises who are under 18 years of age.
    • People who possess current RSA certification are permitted to work in the club’s bar areas. Qualified bar staff for functions will be supplied by D Celebrations or hirer must provide a current copy of RSA certificate if they bring their staff. No RSA NO SERVICE of ALCOHOL.
    • Hirer will be liable to provide bar Staff with current valid RSA certificate if they will serve alcohol at this venue. Hirer is also liable for all the damages, loss and legal penalties from all the departments related to liquor licensing and law firms if Liquor or any other law has been breached at the time of the event or period of venue hire.
    • Under the Responsible Service of Alcohol law, bar staff have the right to refuse service to a guest if deemed necessary. If a person is refused service, under the Responsible Service of Alcohol law that person MUST leave the premises immediately. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure this is complied with without delay or resistance.
    • Last drinks will be called at 11:00pm. No drinks will be served after 11:30pm. Guests must vacate the premises before 12:00am midnight.
    • We have a zero tolerance policy for intoxicated or aggressive guests.
    • Any suspicion of illegal substances on the premises will be reported to the Police at the first instance.

    Hire Equipment and Access for Setup

    • The Function Centre Hire includes the use of the hall, chairs, tables and the use of the bar (with extra charge depends on the package chosen).
    • The bar is fully equipped with beer and soft drink glasses. Breakages will be charged at $2.00 per glass.
    • The Function Centre is available from 9:00am for a 1.5-hour period on the day of the function for day time hire for set-up, by agreement. The Function Centre is available from 5:00pm for a 1.5-hour period on the day of the function for evening hire for set-up, by agreement The function center may be available for set-up on the single day prior to the date of the function if it is not in use at the time.
    • Fire regulations impose strict limitations on the use of candles. Please contact the venue manager for guidelines.
    • Unless a prior agreement has been made, decorations and all personal items, including hired equipment, must be removed when vacating the hall.
    • Beyond usual security measures, which include a monitored alarm system, venue is not responsible for the safekeeping of any items the hirer brings onto the premises or leaves on the premises following the function.
    • Following the function, the hall must be left in an orderly, safe and secure condition.

    Restricted Functions and Rejection of Applications to Hire

    • Venue reserves the right to reject applications to hire without providing reason.
    • The function center must not be hired for illegal purposes or private functions broadly advertised on social media.
    • Venue reserves the right to refuse or terminate youth-focused functions in the event of unacceptable behavior and failure of the following conditions:
    • a. The hirer must demonstrate strong supervisory arrangements for the duration of the function.
      b. Maximum 100 adult guests, by formal invitation only (no word-of-mouth invitations or social media promotion).
      c. The hirer will be liable for any damages, controversy, arguments and convictions during the period of his/her venue hire.


    • Any complaints regarding the event facilities or services must be made to the club in writing within seven days following the function date.
    • Please address any concerns to:

    HR Manager
    D Celebrations
    Email: info.dcelebrations@gmail.com

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